American Red Cross community helps thousands and thousands of people by providing complete care to the needy. The network of American Red cross does generously through donation, volunteering and also employees’ contribution in combating the sufferings of the poor people. It is not your money donation alone but beyond money people are also ready to donate their time, blood and valuable resources. Alongside this Red cross has geared up to teach and train life-saving options to the people so that the communities get developed well and meet out their daily needs by themselves. Red Cross acts as a back support for the following activities
  • Disaster relief management
  • Life-saving blood donation activity
  • Training and certification programs related to health and safety
  • International services
  • Support to the Military families
Plenty of opportunities are found available to join the team Red Cross and contribute your services at times of need. Registration with the Red Cross is mandatory to involve and volunteer or get into any of the jobs available. Let’s get check out what kind of registration procedures available and have to continue with the login activities

How to login to the Red Cross volunteer connection?

  • Enter into the website
  • Login page directly gets connected
  • Under the option sign in with your Red cross ID provide your credentials to log in
  • Provide your email address
  • Type your created password

How to become a Red Cross volunteer connection?

If you are not a volunteer then you have to get the Red Cross volunteer connection by following the below steps
  • Enter into the website
  • Login page directly gets connected
  • In that under the option create a Red cross ID start filling the details
  • Provide your first name and last name
  • Choose your country from the dropdown list
  • Type your postal code number
  • Type your email address
  • Provide your password
  • Retype the password to confirm the same
  • Click the option create my Red Cross ID
  • Check your email address for a link and follow the instructions as on screen

Red Cross volunteer connection - Forgot Password

Retrieving your password is easy and simple. Find below the steps involved for password retrieval in case you have forgotten the password
  • Enter into the website
  • Login page directly gets connected
  • Click the option forgot password
  • It will redirect to the password link page
  • Provide the email address that you used for registration
  • Click the option submit
  • Link would be sent to the mail address and password reset can be done according to the instructions 

American Red Cross volunteer connection app

This is an exclusive mobile application for the volunteers who want to help in activity management and get the control with regard to the volunteer connection. This volunteer app can help you out in the following systems
  • Shift management
  • Contact information can be updated
  • Hour submission
  • Tasks and responsibility management
The Red Cross volunteer connection app seems to be engaging with various non-governmental organizations and also functions effectively to hike the volunteer experience from every organization. This is especially for the youngsters and also to create more helping attitude from the prospective individuals. If you have not registered with the Red Cross you have to become a registered volunteer to make use of this American Red Cross volunteer connection app.

Red Cross volunteer connection FAQ

What is the Red Cross volunteer connection?
Red Cross is an organization involved in community help and assisting in their needful times. To contribute to their works you are entitled to become a member of the volunteer of the American Red cross. To become a volunteer you are supposed to get the volunteer connection and become a registered member. Explore the opportunities to volunteer with various activities in the Red Cross

Is registering with the Red Cross compulsory?
Only registering with the American Red cross can take you to the next process of accessing any information or detail that you require. Even you might be interested to volunteer yourself or kind of involving you in teaching life skills. To perform all these, registering with the American Red cross is mandatory, and getting a volunteer connection is compulsory.

I have login troubles in the Red Cross volunteer connection. What should I do?
At the time of sign-in registering with the Red Cross volunteer connection, you might encounter problems. There is a self-service help page available which you can get through clicking the option need help logging in, on the sign-in page. Once you click the link it will redirect to the self-service help page. You can follow the instructions given on the screen and proceed further.

What kind of assistance the self service help page can provide to the user?
Once you provide your email address in the self-service help page the first process the company does is to locate your registered email address and the associated details in the volunteer connection account. The next step is to get the accessibility to create a Red cross ID for site access. This is possible only by visiting the website Then you can proceed further to get the volunteer connection. The login process might look a little hectic but once you provide the email address in the self-service help page you can follow every assistance provided at each step.

After multiple attempts of signing in, find the login troubles continuing. Help me out in this.
If you still find any troubles even after directly reaching the self-service help page you are supposed to do the following things
  • Clear all your browsing history
  • Try to login after clearing the browsing details
Can a person under age 13 register with Red Cross?
Children’s online privacy protection act of 1998 clearly says any person who is below 13 will not get the accessibility to register with the Red Cross website. Yet they can provide their support and involvement in volunteer activities by visiting the local unit. Still, they are to get the consent from the parents to volunteer with Red Cross and should also be under supervision.

After registering with the Red Cross volunteer connection what kind of activities the volunteers can do?
Once you become a registered member you would be given a plethora of opportunities to contribute to the Red Cross organisation. You can explore the service opportunities by visiting the website and get to understand what kind of existing works the volunteers carry out.  For more details
  • Visit the website
  • Click the option to find my volunteer opportunity
Can you please list out the activities of volunteers?
Remarkable activities like
  • Volunteers reached out to the community who look forward to having support in any form
  • Volunteers help out in disaster management
  • Approximately 25000 of Red cross volunteers’ assist in Red Cross blood services
How to download the Red Cross Volunteer Connection App?
Downloading the Red Cross Volunteer connection app is simple.
  • Android users can download it from google play store
  • iOS users can download from the apple store